Promoting better patient outcomes

We are a team of clinicians, researchers, leaders, and entrepreneurs working together toward a common goal of elevating care. Our team is at the forefront of Respiratory and Critical Care, bringing you innovative medical devices and solutions to promote better patient outcomes.

A complete COPD home extension care program with an advanced discharge kit
  • Daily vitals and activity monitoring that is intuitive and interactive.
  • Weekly assessment monitoring that includes mMRC and CAT score feedback.
  • Advanced ultra-fine aerosol vibrating-mesh ultrasonic nebulizer that is portable, compact and convenient.

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An essential solution for airway management
  • Super Lightweight high compression strength 2 stage crosslinked polyethylene material.
  • Proprietary opening tip with dual slit design that allows for better hold.
  • Unique shape allows for the device to be used in multiple orientations.

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Vib-Mesh Nebulizer
Convenience. Compliance. Control.
  • Fast Delivery
  • Fine, Breathable mist
  • Easy Operation
  • Continuous or On-Demand Mist
  • Compact Design
  • Carrying Pouch

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Welcome to the Mayar Medical website. It gives us great pleasure to announce the launch of our products.

At Mayar Medical, we are dedicated to bringing in simple and impactful solutions to some of the most crucial problems in healthcare.

We are a family of clinicians, leaders, researchers, and entrepreneurs that share a common goal. Our goal is to promote better patient outcomes. We believe that every member of the human family has the right to better healthcare and better outcomes.

Please take a moment to browse our website, and call our office to learn about all of the solutions and products Mayar Medical has to offer.

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Sohrab Mayar, MS-RRT
Founder & CEO

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